A Shark Head is a giant head of a shark that first appears in Silver Stone Coast, then Kiro Biro of Tak the Great Juju Challenge . In Silver Stone Coast, there are three of them next to each other that can only be reached by performing a double jump plus a ground pound. Unlike the Shark Heads in Kiro Biro, these Shark Heads do not crush the player when he lands on them. Instead there is a button on the land from which you have jumped, that has a picture of a shark's head. By pressing the button, the Shark Heads tremble (head only) and crush their bottoms (where the bottom teeth are located). Either one of the players who gets crushed instantly dies. In Kiro Biro, they reappear behaving the same as in Silver Stone Coast, however, they will tremble and crush the player as soon as he lands on them. Shark Heads are not seen at first until Lok in his Lobster Suit jumps on a shark button underwater. They will appear over the water, allowing Tak to jump on it to reach land. Tak must jump off of it quickly or it will crush and instantly kill him. A total of 4 Shark Heads appear in Kiro Biro, each appearing by Lok jumping on the shark button underwater. Shark Heads are only used as platforms, but are dangerous platforms. If a player lands on a Shark Head, it will tremble and crush only once. Either another player (or character in single player) jumping on it, or being sent high in the air and landing on it will cause it to tremble and crush again. Shark Heads cannot be destroyed. It is possible to avoid the attack by using Lok's Shield spell.